Machines are rising and technology is evolving at a much faster rate now than ever before. Then comes the various companies that are more into business shipping and ensuring that their products arrive at their customers in good time and intact. You can think of Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc. One thing these companies have in common is that they are all online shopping organizations. Apart from that there are other shipping and trucking companies in Ontario which operate like these companies.

And most of them are ever busy and strive to ensure that their products get to their customers in good time by whatever means necessary. And here is where technology comes in to ensure everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

If you look at the current shipping systems and methods of some of these leading online shopping industries, you will notice that most of them have invested so much in the shipping and delivery of their products with most of them even looking for some futuristic and out-of-the-world kind or delivery systems. All this is meant to ensure everything runs fast and efficiently while keeping the integrity of the shipped products. Look at the Robot ships, delivery drones, port automation, and driverless trucks. All these shipping methods have got people curious and headlining blog posts for the past year or so.

Technology might not already have us rising off the ground yet in our cars but some of these delivery systems are just exciting and screams pure innovation and creativity. so, let’s dive in and have a glance at some of these shipping stories that have got people talking and seem too good not to sound Sci-Fi.

1. Spaceport of Los Angeles or Port of Los Angeles

This was an article written by Chris Dupin on an American Shipper in the Port of Los Angeles as the site for building spaceships which would fly to Mars. For one, the SpaceX station is currently building the Big Falcon Rocket which it plans to use to send spacecraft to Mars at this former shipyard found in the Port of Los Angeles.

Eric Garcetti, Mayor of Los Angeles, explained that the SpaceX program is already in progress to develop the Big Falcon Rocket at this port.

2. Inventory drones to invade warehouses

Chris Dupin also writes about another American Shipper where this time he talks about the drones which have been developed and deployed to handle and ship warehouse inventories. Rumors have it that these drones are to hit these warehouses sometime this year as explained by Geodis and Delta Drone company who said that their small drones should be operational soon.

This project has been underway for the past several years and it seems the guys have made a breakthrough.

The drones will be tethered to a robot on the ground which will be supplying them with power. These drones will work even late in the night and use barcodes to group and manage merchandise.

3. Amazon drones that communicate with humans

Yet another one of the drone stories but this one astonished more people than any of the other stories. Written by the US Patent Office on March 20th,2018, the story read about a patent that was filed by Amazon back in 2016, July 18th for the human interaction with the unmanned aerial vehicles.

These drones would be equipped with propulsion devices, sensor devices, and a management system. The management systems would, in some cases, be designed to even receive human gestures through the sensor device.

Who knows what technology has in store for us next? Maybe it is the flying cars that actually get off the ground.

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