Whether you are a company or individual we all want to save when purchasing stuff for our daily use. Likewise, buying stretch film is not an exception. This article, Malpack Stretch Film  highlights some of the ways in which you can apply in order to save money during your next purchase of stretch film.

  1. Purchasing in bulk

When products are purchased in bulk it is easy to get a large discount making the product cheaper compared to when you buy in small quantities. Likewise, in order to save money when purchasing the stretch film, you can try to purchase large quantities of the product.

Shipping costs also affect the pricing of the stretch film thus when you purchase a large quantity of stretch film, it will save you money because you will pay for transport costs once. But when you decide to ship in small quantities you will find yourself spending a much because of the taxes you will pay each time you receive a consignment.

Purchases in bulk are one of the best ways to save a lot of money, however, few people understand the logic behind it.

  1. Make use of Stretch Film Down Gauging technology



When you are able to use a thinner stretch film for a load that required a thicker stretch film is called downgauging. Most companies are no trying to minimize the size of film to be used and have come up with a way in which a larger load can be held using a smaller film.

These thin stretch films have been designed such that they can accommodate more load therefore when purchasing you may need to ask the salesperson to expound further on the different types of film available. Using down gauged film will save you money and offer you the same load retention as a thicker film especially if you are wrapping boxes without sharp edges then this might be an ideal cheaper option to use for packaging.

  1. Compare prices


Before making your order you need to take your time to compare market prices as well as what will work for you. For instance, if you need to purchase one roll of stretch film you may consider purchasing it locally to avoid shipping costs which are high. Another option would be to purchase in bulk and save for future use. Most manufacturers are able o sell you even five rolls at reasonable prices, thus saving you some bucks on shipping and you will have extra film for future use.

In conclusion

Purchasing of stretch film is a simple process because of its availability, all you need is to identify a reasonably cheaper manufacturer as well as establish your packaging needs then just make your order. Bulk purchasing is the best way in which you are guaranteed of savings because of the huge discount you will get as well as reducing the cost of shipping small pieces regularly. Depending on your business you will need to make a decision on what will or will not work for you.

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