Custom mascots dance on the sidelines at sporting events, riling up the fans and leading the cheers. They also represent companies and products at events or in on-the-street marketing. The many reasons to choose a custom mascot can lead to some confusion about how to pick the best one and get a professional-quality costume for it.

These five tips will simplify the process and leave you with a fun, engaging, and unforgettable mascot for your team, company, or organization.



1 – What do you want the mascot for? 

A mascot for a sports team will differ from one for corporate product promotions. One will look like a fierce or strong eagle, tiger, or buccaneer. The other may look like a piece of fruit, a bag of snacks, or even a piece of electronic equipment. All are essential for branding, but the purposes could be quite different, it is important to understand the reason you want a mascot.



2 – What will it represent? 

The mascot must represent the impression you want people to get of your team or company. No football team will get a flower pot mascot, and no company that sells exotic fruits will order an astronaut costume. The key is audience perceptions.



3 – Whose attention do you want to attract? 

Knowing who your targeted audience is helps you choose the right mascot costumes. The most obvious designation is whether you want adults or kids to respond favorably. Because many mascots are big, smiling, and cartoonish, there is definitely some cross-over.



4 – Who will be wearing the costume? 

Professional mascots are hired for their strength, agility, endurance, and personality. They have to walk, dance, and jump around in a heavy costume for hours. Your hometown team or company may use a parent or employee instead. Make sure the costume you buy is appropriate for their abilities.


5 – How much do you want to spend? 

Budget concerns must always be taken into account whenever a large purchase like a custom mascot costume will occur. Not only do you have to find the money to get a reputable costume-maker to create it, you also need to make sure you have a proper place to store it safely. Upfront costs are one thing that should be weighed against a life of value, however.

Ticket sales to a sporting event may not go up just because you introduce a mascot character on the sidelines. Product sales may not increase directly due to having a cartoon jar of pickles waving at kids at a community event. However, brand recognition and reputation can increase, and that definitely affects your bottom line.

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