When you’re shopping for stretch film, it’s important to get a high-quality plastic that is capable of wrapping boxes, packaging, and other items. Understanding the top features will make it easier to get what you need.




#1: Puncture Resistant
It’s important to look for wrap that is puncture resistant. It will make it easier to keep it looking pristine when it is delivered to clients. You also won’t have to worry about it snagging and tearing when it’s being transported or moved around the warehouse.




#2: Colored
Stretch films come in a variety of different colors. The benefit to using more than one color across your warehouse is that it helps you to stay organized. You may want to organize each department or client with another color. It will make it easier for things to go where they need to. If you have ever had something delivered to the wrong area, this could be the solution you have been searching for.




#3: Oversized Rolls
If you’re constantly wrapping large pallets and boxes, it might be advantageous to get max film in oversized rolls. It will allow you to wrap everything up without having to go around so many times. It will save you time and money because there won’t be the need to use as much wrap each time you wrap equipment or something else.




#4: Anti-static
Anti-static wrap is extremely popular inside of warehouses. If you have had problems with wrap clinging to itself before you have even started wrapping boxes, you might want to look for the anti-static type. It will be easier to work with. Plus, you can place it into a dispenser and not have to worry about so much waste.




#5: Pre-Stretched
Some rolls of stretch film are already pre-stretched. This saves you the time of having to tug on it as you wrap it around a pallet. Plus, you get a better idea of how far the roll will go because the dimensions are more accurate. You will find that you’re able to wrap things faster and more effectively when the film has already been stretched for you.




#6: Sized for Dispensers
It’s possible to get rolls that are specifically sized for different dispensers. Using a dispenser will make it easier to keep the roll in place and to cut the film at the right place.

You should review all of the different features so you know what you need within your facility, which can be purchased from Malpack Corp.

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