Product packaging should be created so that you don’t have to worry about leakage or spoilage. If you’re not using any kind of leak detection equipment, you’re going to encounter various problems.

1. Experience Leaks

Products will often leak in one way or another if you don’t test for leaks ahead of time. You need to use reliable manufacturers of packages. However, you also have to run tests. Leaks could be found for dry and liquid food alike.

2. Food Spoils

If air is able to get into a package, the food could spoil before it reaches the consumer. Bread could develop mold, soda could become flat, and all sorts of other issues could occur. This is why you need to make sure you get a good seal on all of the food so you don’t have to worry about spoilage. Additional information and insights can be found at the FlexPak website.

3. Food Expires

The food you send out is likely stamped with an expiration date. Consumers depend on the expiration dates to know more about the food that they are buying. If the food expires before the date, they will be disappointed. It will result in having to throw food away. It might also prevent consumers from buying your brand again, which can affect your bottom line.

4. Product Count is Off

When there is a leak, it can affect the product count or weight. For example, if someone purchases a 20-ounce bag of rice and there is a leak, it might only weigh 18 ounces by the time they get it home. This creates a loss in value, which is not fair to the consumer. All sorts of products can lose weight and total volume when there is a leak of any size in the packaging.

5. Customers Return Foods

Customers are more likely to return food when they see a leak. They might notice the problem in the store and not make a purchase. Otherwise, they might see it when they get the product home or when they are getting ready to prepare the food. Either way, returns will affect your total sales as well as your profits.

6. Reputation is Tarnished

The manufacturers of packages are often not to blame when food leaks. Instead, consumers blame the brand of the product itself because that is what they are buying. You need to use equipment that tests for leaks so you can be sure that your reputation remains intact at all times.

Using leak detection equipment allows you to eliminate a long list of problems.

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