As a successful businessman in this competitive world, there are virtually limitless amounts of worry that always cross your mind concerning your business. Among them is security. Yes! You feel that your business is constantly under threats from all corners the moment you step away from it even for a second. And there is nothing you can do about it. Well, worry no more. For here comes the video surveillance systems world, commonly known as the CCTV. You will witness remarkable improvements regarding security in your business immediately you install one. And these benefits that the CCTV comes with requiring that you part with some few extra bucks for their maintenance. This article highlights ten tips that you can apply to ensure proper CCTV maintenance.

  1. Clean camera lenses

You need to regularly check your indoor and outdoor camera lenses and ensure that they are clean at all times. You can look for dust particles, smudges, or any other undesirable elements and clean them. Your camera will only capture blurry or videos that are out of focus if you fail to do so.

  1. Trim the landscaping

You can always trim the area surrounding your outdoor cameras to ensure that it gets the best view of your outdoor business environment. Trim the bushes, trees, and even vines.

  1. Check the camera’s housing

Always ensure that the camera’s enclosures are water and dust proof. Also, check for any signs of condensation. This will let you know whether your camera’s enclosures are fully protecting your camera.

  1. Check for corrosion

Check all the connectors of your camera for any signs of corrosion and if you find any, attempt to replace it as soon as you possibly can. Corrosions are known for causing systems to check out.

  1. Ensure all the camera cables are securely connected

You should check all the camera connectors, even the ones that connect to the monitor, security cameras, and DVR, and ensure that all of them are receiving power. In case you find any exposed wire, take appropriate measures and replace it immediately.

  1. Check the power supply

Regularly check the power supply of the surveillance system to ensure that they are all active and receiving power. You never know, maybe they were tampered with or just shorted out which is all the more reason to check them out. You should also check whether all the systems are receiving the required amount of power.

  1. Dust your DVR

Over time, you find that the DVR system collects a lot of dust which may hinder it from performing at its optimal level. You must, therefore, ensure that you always dust the DVR system to maintain its good performance.

  1. Empty the hard drive

You need to periodically empty your hard drive and create space for new data collected by your surveillance systems. Even the largest drives get full at some point from all the data they collect, and if you do not empty or change the hard drives, then the rest of the new and updated data will have nowhere to be stored.

  1. Verify your camera system’s recording functions regularly

You can do this at least twice a week to ensure that the recording functions are working properly. It is better to find out if there is anything wrong with the recording ability early enough before it is too late.

  1. Regularly view your camera position set-ups

You need to do this on a regular basis to ensure that your camera is set to capture the largest optimal view of your business surroundings. This will enable your camera to capture any of the potential suspects who may be up to no good with your business.

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