Corner guards; they look to be such inferior tools and appliances that you may sometimes feel you can do without. But then come those times when you really need to have some installed in your home, especially when you have little kids running here and there around the house. Accidents are bound to happen. Maybe your child bumps into the edge of the table or on the cupboard door which will only add to your list of worries. The best thing to do to handle this issue is to buy good stainless steel corner guards or plastic corner guardsfor your home, or even a factory, office building, etc.

So, now you have decided that you are going to purchase corner guards for your buildings. But you have no clue of what you are looking for. Which corner guard is best? Which one will protect your home better? What other features are you looking for? Like which corner guards are you going to buy in short, that will serve you and take care of all your needs?

And if you have a business where a lot of human traffic occurs, then you could be facing a series of wall repairs and replacements soon if you haven’t installed corner guards to protect your walls. And this will, in turn, mean more time spent on these repairs which could have been utilized elsewhere as well as the repairs themselves which cost a lot of money.

With enough research, you will have known by now that corner guards are made from many different materials like steel, plastic, rubber, and many other different polymers with the ones made from plastics and polymers being the cheaper ones in the chain. However, you will notice that the corner guards made from steel offer many more benefits than those of the other corner guard materials and products. This article has discussed and condensed some of the few benefits of these corner guards.

  1. Resistance to weather

Here is where the corner guard made from steel products are best. They are incredibly stable materials which can resist any ill-effects from the weather which other corner guards made from different materials may suffer from. Extreme hot and or cold weather both have very little effect of the steel-based products, whereas plastics can shrink, wrinkle, sag, and even shatter when exposed to either of the extreme weather conditions for long periods.

  1. Greater durability

Steel is undoubtedly the strongest and most durable material compared to plastic or any other rubber materials that can be used to make corner guards. Steel corner guards can take huge impacts of force without even showing signs of a dent on them, whereas other materials like plastic or rubber can show scratches, dings, and even bumps upon impact.

  1. Chemically inert

Steel is also a highly inert material compared to the other materials made from plastic or rubber. Steel will almost never form any chemical reactions when mixed with other substances. As a matter of fact, stainless steel is so inert that it doesn’t even rust. Now that’s an amazing piece of material compared to plastic or rubber which are all highly reactive products.

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