Top 5 Reasons Furnished Apartments are Perfect for Extended Business Trips

Your boss is sending you to a city where a new branch office is being opened. While it’s not clear how long the assignment will last, you do need a place to stay for at least a few weeks. This is where the idea of checking into furnished apartments makes a lot of sense. Here are five reasons this type of living arrangement makes sense.

1. A Cost-Effective Solution

Since you are looking at a short term rental that could last for no more than a few months, a furnished unit is more cost effective than staying in a hotel. The monthly rent will certainly be less than paying for a hotel room. That’s true even if you were considering renting space in an extended stay hotel.

2. More Locations to Consider

What part of town would be most convenient for your stay? While a hotel is nice, not all of them will be found in areas that make for an easy commute to the job site or are close enough to shopping or the kind of entertainment you like to enjoy away from the work place. By contrast, apartments that are available with short term rental terms and conditions are found in just about every area of the city. If you want something that’s close to work or happens to be near a park, there’s a good chance of finding what you want.

3. More Like Home

Hotels are nice but they are still hotels. People who go on extended business trips like the idea of having a space that feels quite a bit like home. With furnished apartments, you can move the furniture around to suit your tastes, add a few personal touches here and there, and in general make it a great little home away from home.

4. Getting to Know the Neighbors

While you are only in town for a few weeks or months, being in an apartment makes it easier to get to know some of the neighbors. That’s not likely to happen in a hotel where the guests are constantly checking in and out. You may find that one or more of your neighbors shares some of your hobbies or interests. Making a new friend or two while you’re in town will certainly make the stay more pleasurable. The Premiere Suites website may be able to provide additional insights.

5. Convenient to Leave if Plans Change

Perhaps the original plan was to be in town for six months, but now you are being called away to represent the company at a business conference. Many short term apartment rentals are structured so that you pay on a month to month basis. That makes it easier to give notice, pack your things, and be ready to move on to that next assignment.

If you will need to spend several weeks or months away from your permanent residence, consider the idea of renting an apartment that is furnished and comes with terms that fit your needs. You’ll enjoy having your own space, save money compared to other living arrangements, and have a nice place to live as long as it’s needed.